Wicked Healthy Vending gives kudos to its home state of Massachusetts and neighboring New England states: New Hampshire, Vermont and Connecticut for being identified as the top healthiest states in the United States in 2021.

According to the World Health Organization’s World Population Review, Massachusetts ranked second as the healthiest State following its neighbor to the north, Vermont.  Connecticut and New Hampshire ranked 4th and 6th, respectively.

We are fortunate in Massachusetts to have great hospitals, educational institutions and school systems and organizations that strives for a healthier community.

Now let’s talk vending in Massachusetts.  Public schools requires vending that complies with the John Stalker A list.  What is this you ask?  It is a list of food items, such as snacks and beverages that meet nutritional guidelines for its children.   Additionally, many YMCAs require adherence to the Healthy Eating and Physical Activity Standards (“HEPA”).    Wicked Healthy Vending provides services to meet these requirements.

We are also finding that organizations such as companies, dealerships, property management companies, and hotels are switching to vending machines that carry healthy options.   Many companies include incorporating healthy vending into their wellness program.  There is simply also demand from the community.  Massachusetts young adults are looking for food to fuel their body while on the run and GenX and Baby Boomers are becoming more aware of healthier choices as a result of aging, illness and following in their children’s and grandchildren’s footsteps.

Healthy snacks no longer mean tasteless.  Entrepreneurs, are producing superfood snacks that are delicious.   Keep it up Massachusetts!

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