Wicked Healthy Vending Acquires New England Healthy Vending

In the second quarter 2019, Wicked Healthy Vending (“WHV”), owned by Tina Paine, acquired New England Healthy Vending (“NEHV”).   Tina said that Janice Fennelly, owner of NEHV, built a successful healthy vending company with a solid customer base.  Tina added that when Janice decided to move onto other entrepreneurial ventures and sell NEHV, Janice wanted to ensure that the new owner would provide the same level of service as she did.  Tina was appreciative that Janice thought of her and WHV and was delighted to take on the new business and assume its existing customer base.

Since January 2014 to date, Wicked Healthy Vending, currently servicing Massachusetts and New Hampshire, has grown by 800%.

Social Responsibility – Core Mission for Wicked Healthy Vending

As owner of Wicked Healthy Vending it not only has been our mission to provide healthy vending options to our community, but also to be  socially responsible and help our community.  As a rapidly growing small business, where we can, we want to help our community too.  Wicked Healthy Vending has provided scholarships to low income YMCA youth members, donated numerous healthy snacks to Haven from Hunger, helped support Lowell Transitional Housing’s cause to provide food and shelter to the homeless, and donated 1000 healthy snacks to a High School for their cause.  I’m sharing this with you not for a pat on the back, but to let you know that what drives us is two fold and as long as Wicked Healthy Vending is able, we will continue this mission.   I dedicate this post to my mother, Mary Mostacci, who recently passed away.  She was the role model of giving and I thank her for passing along that to me.

Behavioral Science – Vending Machines Delay Dispensing Unhealthy Snacks

Having a craving for something unhealthy and impulse buying at a vending machine?  We have all been there.  A vending machine has been invented that delays the dispensing of an unhealthy snack for 25 seconds.  Knowing how we are an impatient society, the idea is that folks will then choose the healthier snack.  http://abcnews.go.com/GMA/video/vending-machines-start-delaying-delivery-healthy-snacks-46511118

At Wicked Healthy Vending we supply healthy snacks that are tasty and satisfying.  Check out our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/WHVending/ to see our healthy vs. unhealthy comparison monthly features.

Question: would a delay in dispensing a traditional snack cause you to choose healthy instead?  Let me know your thoughts!


Wicked Healthy VendingSM Partners with Lowell Transitional Living Center

Wicked Healthy VendingSM is pleased to partner with Lowell Transitional Living Center to provide healthy vending to the community.  At Wicked Healthy VendingSM  we love Lowell Transitional Housing’s mission:
“The Lowell Transitional Living Center provides the most vulnerable adults in our in our community with food, shelter, stability and dignity. We provide programs and services that meet immediate needs for emergency shelter and food, along with case management and other help that enable those we serve to make the transition from a shelter bed to a permanent place to call home.”


What do you consider a healthy snack?

The reason why I am asking is because by being in this business I have discovered that definition of healthy means different things to different people.   Some look at calories only, other’s with possibly diabetes look for no or low sugar options, weight lifters seek out protein, runners seek out healthy grains, some seek out GMO, gluten free, 100% fruit, no soda, diet soda, water, vitamin water, natural ingredients in a drink even though there is lots of sugar, no sugar in a drink, even though there is artificial sweeteners.    We have clients that want that snickers bar once and a while.  So what does a healthy vendor do?  Well we do our best to incorporate a variety of healthy snacks seeking to obtain low sugar, higher protein and fiber and no trans fat in a product.  Understanding clients have specific health goals we include other healthy snacks.

Let us know what healthy means to you!


Wicked Healthy Vending℠ Awards Healthy Kids at Lynn YMCA

We are pleased to announce that Lynn YMCA Youth Center members: Ararat Gebreysus, Kathleen Morales, and Arsema Gebreysus were chosen as winners of the Healthy Lifestyle Essay contest.  Wicked Healthy Vending is providing each winner with $100 scholarship to be used towards their tuition for their Summer Youth Center program.   See press release.

There were 13 children who submitted essays on what healthy lifestyle means to them, including what healthy snack and activity is their favorite.

Although there were three winners chosen, all 13 children received an array of healthy snacks, including, Brothers all natural fruit, Stretch Island organic fruit strips, Nutrigrain bars, Welch’s fruit snacks, Annies’ certified organic snacks, smart pop and baked chips.

It was my honor meeting these enthusiastic and polite children.  The Lynn YMCA is doing a great job!

Check out the actual essays written by our scholarship winners:
Essay Winner – Ararat Gebreysus
Essay Winner – Arsema Gebreysus
Essay Winner – Kathleen Morales