2020 CWE Rising Star Award

As owner of Wicked Healthy Vending, let me say how appreciative and honored I am to have received the Center for Women and Enterprise’s (“CWE”) Rising Star Award Eastern MA, and how grateful I am for CWE’s support and guidance over the past 6 years.

The pandemic has put stressors on our lives and businesses and the healthy vending business has not escaped its wrath.   As a vending business, we rely on other businesses to thrive as they are our customers.  Servicing our locations brings me great pleasure and I am confident that we will all get through the other side of this, stronger.

In the mean time what has kept me going as a business owner has been the support received from others and the support I have been able to give to others.   I’m not just talking about financial support, such as the PPP monies or community grants, I am talking about service, guidance, and coming together to help each other.

CWE has been a constant source of support to Wicked Healthy Vending since 2014.  From the beginning CWE has provided support by way of educational seminars and panels, matchmaking to corporations, mentorships with corporations to recent reach outs and support from their Covid Business Recovery project manager.  Additionally, as a result of CWE’s introducing Wicked Healthy Vending to other woman business owners who have food products, Wicked Healthy Vending has been able to include these food products in their vending machines.

Wicked Healthy Vending’s mission is two-fold: healthy vending options and service to Massachusetts community.  As this year passes, I realize how important the community part is.  It has been our pleasure to donate our product to food pantries, pass out meals to our local community, gift snack packs to essential workers and to support women businesses.

Let’s continue to emotionally, financially and spiritually support one another where and when we can.

Thank you for your support and your business.

Tina Paine

Wicked Healthy Vending’s Passion to Serve Under-Served Communities

When I started the business at the end of 2013, I realized a couple of things about myself.  The first is that I wanted to work with the community.  Part of this of course were the businesses that would allow me to place my vending machines in their locations, but a much bigger part was to provide healthy options to people who did not have access to healthy eating, including healthy snacks.

When first starting out, my social media was limited to a one page stand-alone brochure.  As the business began to grow, I decided to try my hand at a more sophisticated web site and dip my toes into some social media.  At one point I hired a media professional to, among other things, post photos of different people at vending machines eating healthy.  I immediately noticed that there was no diversity   It bothered me and I asked that the photos be more diversified.

“Sample photos look great.   Please make sure you have some diversity as well.” 

Don’t get me wrong, the little blond girl sitting at her desk eating an apple was adorable, but she was only a portion of my intended customer base.   Needless to say, that firm didn’t get it so I ended up cancelling.

Come on people! (I thought to myself).  So I decided that my posts would not be stock photos but the actual community that I serve.  (see below, some actual vending customers: kids from North Reading, gentlemen from Lowell Transitional Living Center and the young ladies who were Lynn YMCA summer program scholarship award winners).  But I too must do better!

#diversity #serve all #healthysnacks #mycommunity

Wicked Healthy Vending Announces Local Snack Delivery Services

Wicked Healthy Vending announces its local snack delivery service. We are committed to continue to serve our community and as a small business finding ways to stay viable.

In these trying times for our community we at Wicked Healthy Vending know that social distancing and remaining at home is essential to stop the spread of COVID -19. We also understand that our company clients need to restrict or close their facilities to do their part as well and we will be here for you when things are normalized.

In the mean time, avoid the stores, have some healthy snack options on hand delivered to your door.

Thank you and stay safe.   —- Tina Paine, Owner, Wicked Healthy Vending

Wicked Healthy Vending Expands into New Warehouse Space

We are excited to announce that, due to our remarkable growth over the last six years, we recently expanded to a new warehouse facility in North Reading, MA!

We want to take this time to express appreciation to our amazing customers, industry peers, family and friends in helping us reach this milestone.


Tina & John Paine
Wicked Healthy Vending

Wicked Healthy Vending Acquires New England Healthy Vending

In the second quarter 2019, Wicked Healthy Vending (“WHV”), owned by Tina Paine, acquired New England Healthy Vending (“NEHV”).   Tina said that Janice Fennelly, owner of NEHV, built a successful healthy vending company with a solid customer base.  Tina added that when Janice decided to move onto other entrepreneurial ventures and sell NEHV, Janice wanted to ensure that the new owner would provide the same level of service as she did.  Tina was appreciative that Janice thought of her and WHV and was delighted to take on the new business and assume its existing customer base.

Since January 2014 to date, Wicked Healthy Vending, currently servicing Massachusetts and New Hampshire, has grown by 800%.

Social Responsibility – Core Mission for Wicked Healthy Vending

As owner of Wicked Healthy Vending it not only has been our mission to provide healthy vending options to our community, but also to be  socially responsible and help our community.  As a rapidly growing small business, where we can, we want to help our community too.  Wicked Healthy Vending has provided scholarships to low income YMCA youth members, donated numerous healthy snacks to Haven from Hunger, helped support Lowell Transitional Housing’s cause to provide food and shelter to the homeless, and donated 1000 healthy snacks to a High School for their cause.  I’m sharing this with you not for a pat on the back, but to let you know that what drives us is two fold and as long as Wicked Healthy Vending is able, we will continue this mission.   I dedicate this post to my mother, Mary Mostacci, who recently passed away.  She was the role model of giving and I thank her for passing along that to me.

Behavioral Science – Vending Machines Delay Dispensing Unhealthy Snacks

Having a craving for something unhealthy and impulse buying at a vending machine?  We have all been there.  A vending machine has been invented that delays the dispensing of an unhealthy snack for 25 seconds.  Knowing how we are an impatient society, the idea is that folks will then choose the healthier snack.  http://abcnews.go.com/GMA/video/vending-machines-start-delaying-delivery-healthy-snacks-46511118

At Wicked Healthy Vending we supply healthy snacks that are tasty and satisfying.  Check out our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/WHVending/ to see our healthy vs. unhealthy comparison monthly features.

Question: would a delay in dispensing a traditional snack cause you to choose healthy instead?  Let me know your thoughts!