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At Wicked Healthy Vending℠ we are passionate about doing our part of creating a healthy community.  We believe that when we are working, attending class or even playing,  we should have the option of eating healthy.

Wicked Healthy Vending℠ is owned by a husband and wife team, Tina and John Paine. Tina has her MBA and several years of business management experience and John is a Master Electrician.

We are a licensed and insured vendor.

At Wicked Healthy Vending℠ it is our mission to offer you snacks that are wicked goodwicked fast and wicked healthy.

Wicked Healthy Vending℠ is a proud member of the Massachusetts Health Council and a Certified Women’s Business Enterprise

Wicked Healthy Vending machine and oranges
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    Happy & Healthy

    Sticking to healthy foods has been associated with a 25 percent greater likelihood of a high self-rated job performance rating.

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    Healthy Options

    We offer a fully customizable variety of healthy snacks. We work with you to place the right choices, to keep your employees and customers happy and healthy.

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    Ease of Use

    Our machines are state of the art. With the addition of easier payment options, including Apple Pay, your customers and employees will have easy access to a healthy snack alternative.

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WHV does a great job all around whether it's accommodating requests, re-stocking, customer service and much more.
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Here at Mercedes Benz of Burlington we love Wicked Healthy Vending and the service is always a perfect 10
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Great vendor! Very attentive, great products and service! Highly recommended!.

Product Examples

A variety of healthy snacks that provide energy between meals, and even boost overall nutrient intake.

Why choose us

Wicked Healthy Vending℠ is the fastest growing healthy vending company in Massachusetts. Provide nutritious snacks and beverages to organizations, businesses and schools across Massachusetts!

Wicked Healthy Kids eating Wicked Healthy Vending snacks

Quick, Convenient, Healthy Snacks

Offer Customers and Employees More Nutritional Options

Customize Your Selection of Snacks & Drinks

Healthy & Traditional Items Available

State of the Art Machines

Machines Accept Cash, Credit & Apple Pay; Serviced Locally

Who We Are

Wicked Healthy Vending℠ is owned by a husband and wife team.

Tina Paine

Founder and Owner

John Paine


Our Service

A welcome change from the normal vending foods

Our vending machines offer healthy snacks and beverages – a welcome change from the normal vending foods available in most places. We customize the product to your liking.

Using cutting edge technology and advanced, user friendly features, we provide an experience unlike any other vending organization. We pride ourselves on world class customer service in order to ensure that, should you ever encounter an issue (machines misbehave once in a great while) we are able to resolve it as quickly as possible.

Our Machines
Our vending machines give you access to the best technology in the industry, including:

  • Multiple payment options: cash, credit, Apply/Android pay
  • Shopping cart and single selections modes
  • Calorie display before purchase
  • Product browse mode

We have the ability to view purchases online so we know when the machine needs to be filled. This saves you and your customers a lot of angst and ensures us that we are only purchasing what is needed.

Wicked Healthy Vending machines

Service Area

We are growing fast and expanding our footprint

We service a wide range of clients across Northern Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire, including businesses, schools, YMCAs, dealerships, and government offices. We are constantly expanding our footprint, so if you’re interested in getting healthy vending in your community, contact us today.

Latest News

All the latest Wicked Healthy Happenings

Wicked Healthy Vending Acquires New England Healthy Vending

In the second quarter 2019, Wicked Healthy Vending (“WHV”), owned by Tina Paine, acquired New England Healthy Vending (“NEHV”).   Tina said that Janice Fennelly, owner of NEHV, built a successful healthy vending company with a solid customer base.  Tina added that when Janice decided to move onto other entrepreneurial ventures and sell NEHV, Janice wanted […]

Social Responsibility – Core Mission for Wicked Healthy Vending

As owner of Wicked Healthy Vending it not only has been our mission to provide healthy vending options to our community, but also to be  socially responsible and help our community.  As a rapidly growing small business, where we can, we want to help our community too.  Wicked Healthy Vending has provided scholarships to low […]

Behavioral Science – Vending Machines Delay Dispensing Unhealthy Snacks

Having a craving for something unhealthy and impulse buying at a vending machine?  We have all been there.  A vending machine has been invented that delays the dispensing of an unhealthy snack for 25 seconds.  Knowing how we are an impatient society, the idea is that folks will then choose the healthier snack.  http://abcnews.go.com/GMA/video/vending-machines-start-delaying-delivery-healthy-snacks-46511118 At Wicked […]