Wicked Healthy Vending℠ Awards Healthy Kids at Lynn YMCA

We are pleased to announce that Lynn YMCA Youth Center members: Ararat Gebreysus, Kathleen Morales, and Arsema Gebreysus were chosen as winners of the Healthy Lifestyle Essay contest.  Wicked Healthy Vending is providing each winner with $100 scholarship to be used towards their tuition for their Summer Youth Center program.   See press release.

There were 13 children who submitted essays on what healthy lifestyle means to them, including what healthy snack and activity is their favorite.

Although there were three winners chosen, all 13 children received an array of healthy snacks, including, Brothers all natural fruit, Stretch Island organic fruit strips, Nutrigrain bars, Welch’s fruit snacks, Annies’ certified organic snacks, smart pop and baked chips.

It was my honor meeting these enthusiastic and polite children.  The Lynn YMCA is doing a great job!

Check out the actual essays written by our scholarship winners:
Essay Winner – Ararat Gebreysus
Essay Winner – Arsema Gebreysus
Essay Winner – Kathleen Morales

More Employers are Taking Holistic Approach to Wellness

More and more companies across the U.S. are turning to the office vending machine to fulfill state requirements for healthy business certifications.

Along with other holistic approaches to employee well being such as fitness trackers and meditation and mindfulness training via mobile apps, companies are putting their employees well being at the forefront of their concerns.

Read about how Oklahoma has incorporated a holistic approach to employee well-being.



How to Set Up a Wellness Plan for Your Employees

These days more and more small companies are looking for new ways to encourage healthy living and offer compelling perks to employees without spending a lot of money and time putting together a plan.

The Wall Street Journal has a handy guide that lays out the basic steps you can follow to set up a Wellness Program at your company:

How to set up a wellness program

A healthier workforce can provide your business:

  1. Decreased Health Care Costs
  2. Better Workplace Morale
  3. Reduced Absenteeism
  4. Reduced Overall Costs
  5. Increased Productivity
  6. Reduced Sick Leave
  7. Better Company Loyalty