When I started the business at the end of 2013, I realized a couple of things about myself.  The first is that I wanted to work with the community.  Part of this of course were the businesses that would allow me to place my vending machines in their locations, but a much bigger part was to provide healthy options to people who did not have access to healthy eating, including healthy snacks.

When first starting out, my social media was limited to a one page stand-alone brochure.  As the business began to grow, I decided to try my hand at a more sophisticated web site and dip my toes into some social media.  At one point I hired a media professional to, among other things, post photos of different people at vending machines eating healthy.  I immediately noticed that there was no diversity   It bothered me and I asked that the photos be more diversified.

“Sample photos look great.   Please make sure you have some diversity as well.” 

Don’t get me wrong, the little blond girl sitting at her desk eating an apple was adorable, but she was only a portion of my intended customer base.   Needless to say, that firm didn’t get it so I ended up cancelling.

Come on people! (I thought to myself).  So I decided that my posts would not be stock photos but the actual community that I serve.  (see below, some actual vending customers: kids from North Reading, gentlemen from Lowell Transitional Living Center and the young ladies who were Lynn YMCA summer program scholarship award winners).  But I too must do better!

Lynn at the YMCA       A man helping another man in a wheelchair

Kids having snacks at a picnic table

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