As owner of Wicked Healthy Vending it not only has been our mission to provide healthy vending options to our community, but also to be  socially responsible and help our community.  As a rapidly growing small business, where we can, we want to help our community too.  Wicked Healthy Vending has provided scholarships to low income YMCA youth members, donated numerous healthy snacks to Haven from Hunger, helped support Lowell Transitional Housing’s cause to provide food and shelter to the homeless, and donated 1000 healthy snacks to a High School for their cause.  I’m sharing this with you not for a pat on the back, but to let you know that what drives us is two fold and as long as Wicked Healthy Vending is able, we will continue this mission.   I dedicate this post to my mother, Mary Mostacci, who recently passed away.  She was the role model of giving and I thank her for passing along that to me.