One of the best parts of my job is participating in community events.  I was honored to be involved in the health expo sponsored by the Peabody Area Chamber of Commerce and the Peabody Concert Series.  There I got to share my healthy vending booth with the folks at Hint Water and BudiBar, two products that are in the Wicked Healthy Vending machines.

Check out the photos!

Picture of a young child in a stroller with a Wicked Healthy branded bag     A child in a stroller getting her picture taken at a park     Two women at a booth at a park event

The Wicked Healthy Vending booth at a park fair     Tina Paine at the Wicked Healthy booth at the park fair     Picture of several people standing at the Wicked Healthy Vending booth at a park fair

Man wearing a Wicked Healthy Vending branded backpack